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Sep 3, - When the internet was suddenly abuzz with rumors that getting a friend to blow coke up your ass with a straw was worth the trouble, I had to see if I'd But with this new frontier of drug Perestroika comes a new set of challenges, and for some users, the chief among those seems to be boredom with the old. How to Hide Drugs in Your Body (and Body Cavities) Liana. Age: 29. I come in Paris since 4 years and I am very discreet ! Well educated, friendly and sweet girl ;-* You gotta go in from the back, not swallowing it, if you want reliable retrieval. For the purposes of this discussion, the vagina and the anus are equivalent. A very effective way of doing most drugs. Basically, you stick it up your butt. There's a stigma against it because a lot of people are scared of their own rectums. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference; if you're adventurous, try it- it works great. If not, there's plenty of other methods that don't make you feel violated. Karmen. Age: 20. hi dear gentlemen, my name is Sasha half japanese and half spanish MODERATORS May 19, - IV syringes definitely not meant for anal use, even the ones with the screw off needle can be kinda difficult. You need to mix it in a solution of water, suck up in an oral syringe, lube it up and plug. Just breaking the needle off you wont get all and you could cut your inside, which can lead to obvious infection.- I have Plugging Meth questions. Jun 26, - I have been tempted to try this method as they swear by it, but thought I'd get your opinion first — are there any potential side effects to plugging? Is it really a "safer" way to Drugs end up in the bloodstream whether they enter from the mouth or the anus, so there is no way to "bypass" the liver. People with.

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Mercedes. Age: 23. hi guys :) i am a student in sofia and i love to play naughty.i will love to play whit u if u have some trip during bulgaria or i can fly to u. Jun 14, - The complete guide for safely hiding drugs in your body, in your anus, and on your person, including Marijuana, Hash, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin, pills, and others. The condom or balloon is then lubricated and smoothly slid into the rectum, leaving only the tail-end handing out up to the knot. This allows. Apr 24, - Everything you ever needed to know about swallowing drugs or stuffing them up your butt Science explains, is just putting a twist on something your body does really well, anyway: “Your entire body is designed to help take things from your mouth and pass them out your anus, with some time in between. Dec 1, - They are much more likely to do an illegal search of a woman's vagina than of her anus. Even though such a search should not result in a conviction, you still lose the drugs you bought, spend a certain amount of time in jail, and are effectively raped. So, yes, it IS possible to hide drugs up your mouth, nose.


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