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Dec 30, - Wondering what to use as a dildo? Every house has these 31 items that you can safely use as a dildo so you can masturbate all day (or night) long. Error (Too Many Requests) - Quora Bree. Age: 30. I'm available to meet with distinguished gentleman over 30 Flip the open end over the top and secure with a rubber band or tape so it stays in place. Most of the items that you might pick up to use as a makeshift dildo are porous, however. Jun 27, - I am wondering what some good household anal objects are. I don't really like pens and markers because they are to small. So does anybody have objects that work really well. They must either be household or be able to buy at walmart or a store like that. There's an extensive list here of ideas. Ria. Age: 20. I am only interested in distinguished, mature, upscale gentlemen who settle for nothing less than the very best who appreciate the finer things in life. MODERATORS Jun 3, - Unfortunately, not too many household objects will actually work all that well as sex toys. The human parts that go inside There are people for whom anal stimulation is more a game of pain and deliberate discomfort or an act of submitting rather than pleasure as such. And a certain level of discomfort,  How to put things further in your anus/ass. Nov 22, - The men who saw the movie "American Pie" and later then went home to bang one for real are the types who are willing to experiment with pretty much anything 1) Put a condom on your cock (or on any object you are introducing to your anus) before engaging in recreation; and 2) Make sure you properly.

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Dakota. Age: 27. If you like the finer things in life then come spend some time with me! I am a UK Wildcat and I love to meet new people and try new experiences Basically I'm a man and I like stuff up my butt from time to time, however due to my living circumstances I have no way to purchase and own a proper anal toy. Hence, I've usually resorted to improvising with random household objects since I do not enjoy using my fingers. Unfortunately, everything I have  [Male] Anal toys - household objects!: sex. Can you give me some inspiring ideas of household items that can be incorporated into kinky play? A: Many kinksters have the gift of being able to look around their environment and seek ways to pervert the things around them. This can be a Cling wrap can be used to deliver safe oral or anal pleasure. You might also. Whenever I'm really bored at home I lube up and go on ahead. But what I particularly enjoy is as I masturbate I either finger my ass, or upon availability I will fuck my ass with a pen or toothbrush or something, and that feels so damn good. I would suggest all guys try this. It doesn't mean you're gay or anything, and if you.


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