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Post an ad and help babies get Only The Breast. Buy, sell or donate breast milk with our discreet classifieds system. Want to donate breast milk to a fellow mother? Considering selling or donating to a needy baby? Need natural breastmilk for your growing baby? Do you believe breastfeeding is best? Are you over producing. Donated Breast Milk: The Best Alternative to Breast Feeding Michaela. Age: 29. I aim to please not just tease The health concerns extend beyond hidden viruses, the researchers point out. In an extraordinary example of coordination, donors can simply call the bank, and a delivery program picks up the milk, keeping it at safe temperatures during transport until it arrives at the bank. Feb 1, - Since no laws governing the sale of breast milk exist, the business is largely unregulated but not illegal. This allows anyone to sell breast milk to anyone else. And, with the rise of breast milk classified websites, more often than not, anyone does. Read More: The Broadly Guide to Pregnancy. Of these online. Jodie. Age: 21. I am available in se11 6ee & from central london to essex, surrey & middlesex, available most days/night if arranged by phone with me in advance Should You Buy Breast Milk Online? Dec 24, - To find the breast milk, one simply needs to go online and Google “buy or sell breast milk.” Within a few short seconds, Google brings up a number of websites that allow for transactions of breast milk, and anyone can log onto these sites and make their purchase or sell the breast milk. It's actually a fairly. Most major medical and health organizations such as the AAP, WHO, UNICEF and others promote breastfeeding as the best option for babies. For these reasons and more, . If you're on the receiving end and need to buy breast milk, you can also go through the online milk sharing/selling websites. However, to date, there.

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Step. Age: 28. Angelina is here, hot and sweet Mar 24, - Buying, selling and trading breast milk is a booming online industry—and that's a dangerous thing, according to a new editorial in the BMJ. Some bodybuilding websites tout it as a “natural superfood” for adults or a drink for “post-workout recovery,” Steele says—but the same risks for virus transmission. Dec 23, - Here are my top 10 best breastfeeding websites which are incredibly useful. They are As you know, the baby latch position determines the effectiveness of milk removal from breast. Reading If you are looking for new and freshly-updated articles, check out its online magazine at Breastfeeding Today. Dec 19, - Thousands of women are sharing their own breast milk via social media groups in an effort to help others, a BBC investigation has discovered. The Department of The Facebook site offers guidance for anyone considering using it and urges people to discuss medications, alcohol or drug use. It suggests.


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