Giving up masturbation for lent

Giving up masturbating for lent. Alright, I'm going to try the most difficult thing I've ever attempted to do, and that's giving up choking the chicken. I'm thinking I can get a lot accomplished and build a boat, get better at guitar, or cure cancer if I do this. You think this is worth it? It should really help my discipline,  Who else gave up fapping for lent? feels bad man. Why You Should Give Up Masturbation For Lent – Return Of Kings Sydney. Age: 21. As first let me introduce myself Im giving up alcohol with the exception of st. Feb 7, - Lent is all about giving up something that may hinder your relationship with God. If you think that this is getting in the way of your God time then yes you should give it up. On a matter of weather or not its a temptation, the church has several different opinions on this subject. Dr. James Dobson believes its a. Deauxma. Age: 27. Gentelmen I offer an energetic, unrushed and drama free session, guaranteed to always be discreet No masturbation during the Lent: a good idea? Feb 28, - Its great that you want to give something up for lent, especially like Masturbating. I'm doing the same but unlike you I'm "free" on Sunday. So far so good, though its kinda tough. Just whenever you get horny, just think of how Jesus died for you and how that compares to five minutes of "fun" Good luck and. OK, so I've done nofap before, and I didn't make it past a week on easy. When lent came around, I decided that I would give this another go. Does Anyone else giving up masturbation for Lent?: NoFap.

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Ray. Age: 29. Cif 30e Feb 15, - Lent is the Christian holiday period lasting 40 fasting days (45 days) prior to Easter. It is a period of reflection, particularly of resisting temptation, cleansing, and preparing for the new year. Many observers practice fasting, while others choose to sacrifice or abstain from a certain vice or pleasure. Whether. Mar 22, - Have/Are any of the guys on here planning/have given up mastrubation for the entire duration of lent? I'm thinking of doing so. If so what did you do to distract yourself when you felt tempted? Also did you or anyone else notice changes in your behavior while you ceased to do so. Such as being more  We need a substitute for masturbation, suggestions? Feb 17, - Tomorrow, February 16th, marks the first day of Lent. I am striving to quit masturbating for all 40 days leading up to Easter Day. I will be using this thread to post about it and keep up to date with everything. I encourage all of you who have been wanting to quit this dirty deed to join me. See how long you can.


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