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Feb 2, - I have Clear Discharge from Clitoris with Bad Smell. What does that mean? Similar Questions - What is vaginal discharge, white discharge from vagina, I have an itchy clitoris, how to treat discharge, do I have an STD. Getting wet: cervical fluid vs. arousal fluid vs. discharge Pepper. Age: 26. I'm just a blonde hair blue eyed girl next door Our bodies do a good job of cleaning themselves, and sometimes that involves creating unusual substances and scents. Apr 15, - Changes in normal vaginal secretions (i.e., smell, texture, color, thickness, etc.) may indicate the presence of an infection. Smegma gathers in the nooks and crannies of the body's skin folds, including between the labia and around the clitoral hood. Because of male circumcision, it is more common. Selena. Age: 25. I am an outcall escort, with an high "girlfriend experience" level I have Clear Discharge from Clitoris with Bad Smell. What does that mean? heyy everyone.. for about a month now, my clitoris has had this sort of chunky white stuff all over it. theres nothing down on my vaginal opening, just my clitoris. first of all its not a yeast infection its a normal discharge that you see. its located around your clitoris when you push back your clitorial hood. its called smegma its. Smegma is a very real substance; to maintain good vaginal health, you need to keep it from accumulating. Glands on the inner surface of the clitoral hood secrete sebum, an oily substance that lubricates the clitoral glans. When this secretion builds up, it becomes smegma, a thick white discharge with a.

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Fleurette. Age: 22. My name is ! ANGELINA Now I came in your town!! I`am an extraordinary girl full of sensual sophistication and feminity who is able to give many unforgettable moments to a gentleman of discerning taste! Apr 20, - It's easy for either partner to use the natural vaginal secretions to moisten the clitoral area, or alternatively it could be worth investing in a lubrication product. There are all sorts of different types of sex lubes available. If your skin is sensitive, a water-based lubricant is probably your safest bet (try Liquid silk. Oct 24, - “Vaginal discharge” is the medical term used to describe the fluid that comes out of the vagina. Discharge is a Arousal fluid is vaginal lubrication created to enable painless penile penetration and movement (2). VIP, vagina, clitoral and periurethral glans — an update on human female genital arousal. I had some internal vaginal itching, used monistat. While using it I began to have rawness under clitoral hood and in between labia. Thought it was alergy so stopped monistat. Then I noticed I had a green discharge in those creases. Not coming from vagina. Went to the doctor and the internal culture came back clean.


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