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Apr 23, - I like the way mummy scolds and tells off naughty boy, would love to be in that position with a nice spanked bottom. Teddah's avatar. Teddah - days ago. Um you're going to treat him like a baby by putting him back to bed in a wet diaper, pajamas and bed? since when do people treat babies like. Last Summer in Diapers Kendall. Age: 21. Hi my name is Carina welcoming you once again, here to fulfill your guilty pleasures and fantasies I was soon crying and then even bawling just like a well spanked little baby boy should. May 11, - All there was back then were wet beds, and, well, diapers. For a while I had I guess since I was still wet the bed and was diapered at night, I was a pretty dependent little kid, so I waited for my mom to help me get into the tub. If you have a wet diaper young man you are in for good spanking right now!”. Annette. Age: 20. European elite courtesan who knows how to behave and dress in public, the finest dinning... And then teasing and pleasing in bed (or other place of your preference ;-) Diaper Stories - Highlights Sep 10, - His spanking will have to wait until he's cleaned up." The girls were anxious to change my diaper, especially Tana, the littlest one who never had seen a boy older than a year naked. I know because she said so. Again, I begged my sister not to do this to me but she told me that little boys who wet their pants. Staying with the theme of adding to the severity and humiliation of a spanking, lets talk about corner time. Who wouldn't . See More. The teacher said that you wet your pants 3 times today and she put you in . Diaper Change, Diaper Babies, Diapers, Baby Boy, Diaper Bouquet, Baby Newborn, Baby Boys, Baby Burp Rags.

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Ann. Age: 24. I’m Ava Moore - a highbrowed, Nigerian-mixed rare diamond possessing a risque attitude, insatiable appetite, an ardent passion for lust & a burning fire for desire Jun 3, - Neither of the children kept track of how many times Jason was spanked, but by the time it was over, Jason had once again wet his diaper. “See, baby Jason? You need to wear your diapers because you're not ready to be a big boy yet,” Sarah explained to him. “When you're done crying I can get you. I had to see for myself." Ruth sits in Mommy's big rocking chair and continues, "I bet a good paddling will teach him not to wet his diapers; bring him here!" Ashley says, "Gee, Ruth, I don't know " "Allie said that we are in charge of her Diaperboy for now and I say he needs a spanking!" Ruth insists. Tracy says, "OK, Ruth. I was never spanked for having wet diapers regardless if it was from my bedwetting or daytime accidents but I was spanked every single time someone found me to have a dirty / poopy diaper. My dad always said only little babies poop in their diapers, big boys wear diapers for wetting. So dad told all 3 my  Diapered for wetting the bed / pants.


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