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Two officers having fun. A night of freedom with the thin blue line. And the damage done. Sexual relationship with a cop continues. Sex with a handsome officer, spanking in court. This bratty popular girl is about to be taught a lesson. and other exciting erotic at autoinsurance1click.info! erotic cop stories | Cara Bristol Sienna. Age: 30. as if it were the most delicious champagne. Let’s partake of this joy together. Raising up, Lauren lifted her skirt. License, and Registration, Please Cop meets his girlfriend while she passes red light. Officer Daniels has his hands full the next day. A strange new case is developing A white trash mother and daughter share men in their trailer. Two officers having fun. The adventures of Private Detective Chrystal Chalice. and other exciting erotic at autoinsurance1click.info! Chelsea. Age: 24. Hello Gentlemen!) Please, officer. I'll do anything. Jun 5, - My SUV flew along the dark highway at least twenty miles faster than the speed limit but I was on my way to my fuck buddy's place for some after hours fun and I was already late. My phone buzzed in my lap and I opened the text, taking my eyes off the road for a few moments to read it. “Where the hell are. Apr 29, - Read Spread wide for the police. from the story A series of erotic tales. by windchester (Pizza) with autoinsurance1click.infoa was sleeping soundly in her bed.

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Riva. Age: 25. I'm Tessa and I'm a wild & sexy upscale kinky DREAM girl Nov 21, - The night was late, and the streets were dark and lonely as I was driving home from a friend's house on an average Saturday night. Average, for me at least, was drinking and having a good time with a group of friends and then going home to sleep it off until late the next day. Sunday was my hangover day. Jan 9, - As the lights flashed in my rear view mirror I took in a deep breath. At the time all I could think was 'Damn it'. I wasn't driving, which was a good thing, but at nineteen, I wasn't supposed to be drunk. I tried to figure out how I was going to keep my mouth shut. "Hello officer." Muttered my extremely drunk best. Officer Lauren, Police Slut. The red lights flashing in his rearview mirror jolted Zack from his reverie. Quickly he glanced down at the speedometer: 95 mph then looked up again at the police cruiser riding his bumper. Easing off the gas, he signaled he was pulling over and reluctantly came to a stop along the side of the road.


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